A Creative, Engaging and Challenging Experience

We utilize multiple resources for planning a creative, engaging and challenging experience for your child. It is important to us for our teachers to have the support they need to be able to provide a classroom atmosphere for your child to explore, learn, and engage.

Using a blended curriculum, the teachers plan around weekly themes and developmental goals for the child based on observations and individual assessments.

Our curriculum includes a portion of the day dedicated to a foreign language. Because children’s brains are wired to easily learn new languages we have found that exposing them to another language greatly enhances their growth and development. Some parents worry that their children might become confused when exposed to multiple languages, and believe that this delays the speech of a child. However, a study done by the University of Washington revealed that babies are able to differentiate between two languages even before they can speak

Offering Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Mandarin, our language curriculum immerses your child in the culture of the language you choose through hearing and speaking the language, learning about the culture and the country. The languages we offer are some of the most spoken in the world.

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